Seminal post!


I started this blog last fall– when I had an idea of the name I wanted, had the time to select a design and had some interest in writing. Then the holidays passed and life got busy again. I was writing for my company blog and that proved pretty satisfying.

Zoom ahead six months to last Wednesday when I was summoned to a small conference room and told that my services were no longer needed despite 1.5 years of hard work. It was a cost-cutting measure so nothing personal or performance based. And it’s not like I didn’t see it coming: the company has not been doing well and myself and the other marketing person let go were probably two of the pricier employees on the team and who weren’t directly responsible for a single line of business.

So one week after my 35th birthday, I am again unemployed and feeling like for every one step I take in life, I manage to stumble behind a few. It’s frustrating but I know that, like all the times before, I have to pick myself up and get myself back on track. In this vein, this seems like possibly the right time to get this blog started. And therefore I have.


One thought on “Seminal post!

  1. Hi, I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts so far and hope you keep up the momentum of writing regularly. It seems like you’d have a lot of good insights to share with the current crop of straight-out-of-college grads who are coming to Silicon Valley to pursue their dreams (… or to pursue the dreams of their company’s founders and investors). Ping me if you’d like to chat more about these sorts of topics.

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