A Look Back: The Week of July 28


checklistAs is my tradition, I’m finishing up this week with a list of what I accomplished.


1) So I received two rejections this week but neither were jobs that I was dying to get. One company had a business model that I didn’t think was totally sustainable (online ad business). The other was a decent product but (and I’m debating writing a blog post devoted to this topic) when I looked at the page where they posted pics of all their employees, EVERYONE WAS WHITE. Ok, maybe not every single employee but a painfully overwhelming number were Caucasian. Considering this is SF/Silicon Valley and the bulk of their employees are engineers/developers, this seems INCOMPREHENSIBLE and as a minority female, I just felt like this seemed really off.

2) I did a bad thing and scheduled and then backed out of a phone interview. Ultimately, I had other job related activities going on and this job wasn’t appealing in comparison. It was also a highly technical role (or at least seemed so from the job description when I re-read it) and I just wasn’t in the mood to put myself in the firing lines for something I sensed I wasn’t a great fit for. I sent a note the morning of (the phone screen was scheduled for the afternoon) indicating I wanted to remove myself from candidacy. I was surprised to get an email from the hiring manager telling me that he’d seen my personal website (my portfolio of work) and he was really impressed with me. Asked would I be open to even just a casual conversation. I thought it was really really nice and I was touched. In the end, I told him my reservations and admitted that having been let go from my job about 2 weeks before, I felt a bit fragile and am being somewhat conservative in my job search. He said he understood.

3) Did a phone screen and am going onsite for a South Bay job.

4) Finished a writing exercise for a job in SF and am headed in for a 2nd round next week.

5) Just finished a phone screen for an SF job. Not really sure how I’m feeling about this one.

6) Got STOOD UP this morning for a phone screen for an SF job. 


1) Saw a former coworker on Monday for lunch. We ate ramen at my favorite place and then proceeded to talk about our take on our respective departures from our last company. In a nutshell, her manager found out that she was planning on leaving in the near future (to do something totally different, not like she was headed to a competitor or anything) and basically cut her off at the pass and confronted her about it during a meeting. She was asked to leave sooner than she had been planning. Ended up having lunch for about 3 hours. Was fun.

2) I was supposed to go to SF yesterday to have lunch with two former work friends and then I was supposed to go to my friend’s company open house. But the lunch got cancelled and I instead stayed home and worked on my garage sale stuff– which was rather enjoyable.


1) Finished another book: “I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You” by Courtney Maum. It’s about the breakdown of a marriage from an affair. There is a happy ending but this book definitely had some haunting sections. I will write a blog post about this in the near future.

2) Went to barre class on Tuesday and kickboxing on Thursday. Yay me!

3) Went to see doctor for a one month checkup after last month’s disastrous doctor visit. Basically, during the last week or the 2nd to last week of the quarter, I went to the doctor and she said that I had really elevated blood pressure. Like bad. Like the resting was 92 or 93 (anything above a 90 and you’re in trouble). She wanted to put me on medication. I told her I was kind of stressed at work. As you’ll remember, we were being asked to do work for the sales team, with quotas, IN ADDITION TO our regular work. (Incidentally, despite hitting our quotas, nobody from the marketing team was given a bonus). During this week’s visit, my heart rate was back to normal. My doctor even made a joke that usually people are stressed when they are unemployed but clearly unemployment was a walk in the park compared to how my body was doing while at my last job. In other words: it was bad and I didn’t even realize the full extent of it at the time. And now I have medical proof.

Looking ahead, I have two in person interviews next week, two phone screens. Oh yeah, and that garage sale that I’m hoping to have on the 9th.


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