Feeling Tired


This wasn’t really a planned post and it’s not really on any specific topic. Just a quick note that I’m starting to feel really tired these days. Unemployment can be quite a beast so I have been trying to stay busy while also pacing myself. In the past couple of weeks, I’ve managed to watch 4 seasons of Big Love and read 2-3 books. I have organized and priced all my garage sale items (for next weekend). I have applied for probably around 10 jobs with various outcomes. At present, I have two in person interviews in the coming week.

Some of the fatigue I know is biological. It’s just that period of time when I get really exhausted and there is no way around it. And I’m coming up on the one month anniversary of my final day of work. So I have gone through the cycle of sadness to confidence to just getting on with it all. I’ve stayed busy. I’ve used my time wisely. I’m trying to stay focused and keep pressing forward.

I think now I’m just in the first cycle of hoping that something works out. You can’t get too excited. You don’t want to seem desperate. But then there’s that balance of still communicating that you’re interested. It starts getting complicated when you are trying to do that with a few jobs that are still “contenders” (the ones you haven’t pulled yourself out of) all the while still feeding your pipeline and applying for new jobs. You have to take these new opportunities seriously (you shouldn’t ever throw away any possibility) but sometimes it takes so much energy in you to manage your pre-existing excitement while mustering up some secondary energy for the ones newest to your list.

This is probably just rambling. Here’s to hoping next week is a productive one.


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