A Look Back: The Week of August 4


checklistAdmittedly, I feel really cranky right now. I’m not sure why I am so overwhelmed with exhaustion but I am feeling really down and tired right now. I’m thinking of popping in a sad movie and maybe crying the tension out.

So this marks the 3rd week of unemployment. I know that this is early yet but I feel like this is the point in time when I get the fidgetiest. As time goes on, I know that I’ll mellow out b/c your body comes to accept the new way of life. Incidentally this is what I notice with long term travel: that as you surpass the 2-3 week mark, you are homesick and kind of tense. And then past the one month mark, you mellow out and enjoy the ride. I just got notice that my unemployment payments are going to start. Am half considering moving back to my parents’ just to spare myself the burden of rent payments (which in the SF Bay area are no small matter).

So here is a quick rundown of the stuff that happened this week.


This week has been kind of mellower, but this is kind of my fault. I have now completed 2 in person interviews and have one coming up on Monday. So I have a couple of options that are in progress. This by no means is confirmation of a job any time soon but it’s just really exhausting to go through the interview process but  more so it’s hard to mitigate the hope (excitement?) and keep moving forward and applying to new jobs. I also did a C-level phone interview with a department head yesterday so yeah, I feel like I did the needful this week.

Next week, I have another big block of interviews on Monday. Then a couple of phone interviews for different reasons.

I have been getting contacted by people (either hiring managers or recruiters for jobs) but in all this exhaustion, it’s hard to find the energy to start new searches. I feel a little bit bad about this– like I’m sabotaging myself. But it’s early yet so I think I’m just trying to find some pacing in this all.


Went up to SF on Wednesday for lunch with some former coworkers. Was very excellent. My friend made a pizza using her Indian food leftovers from the night before. I was dubious but the pizza turned out excellent. On the crust, she used saag as the sauce, and covered it with mozerella. She added bits of the lamb all over and then also added fresh mushrooms and frozen peas. Very delicious! Also had gelato with a former coworker as he is currently trying to maintain his girlish figure– which I was fine with as gelato is a cool, refreshing afternoon snack.


Went to barre class on Tuesday. Have been prepping everything for my garage sale tomorrow so I’m a little bit overwhelmed with all that. I just want to get rid of everything. Went for one of my laser hair removal appointments which probably some of you do not want to hear about. Incidentally, ladies: totally worth it.

Ok, gonna eat some dinner, drink some wine and then go to bed early. Figure I should get up early to sort out this garage sale stuff.




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