A Look Back: The week of August 11


checklistI’m feeling incredibly exhausted right now– not totally sure why– so I’m going to blast through this post quickly.


I had another large block of interviews on Monday. I always go into these things thinking that I’m going to bomb but I think I did an okay job. I also had a phone interview with an additional team member at the company today. For another opportunity, I did two phone interviews this week with C-level execs on the team. I think I did ok. I ended up dropping out of contention for a role in SF b/c I am feeling way too exhausted to start the process on a new opportunity. At this point, I am at the end of 4 interview cycles at 3 companies (2 roles are at the same company). My thinking is if this doesn’t work out, I need to move out of my apartment and take the job search perhaps a bit more slowly. I feel totally tapped right now.


Wasn’t as social this week. Not sure why but exhaustion is high. Went to the Sara Bareilles concert last night in Berkeley. Was AMAZING. Have brunch plans with two former coworkers on Saturday and then brunch with high school friend on Sunday. Did go to Santana Row, an outdoor shopping center, on Tuesday and read and drank iced coffee for a few hours. Felt nice.


Finished book #17 of this year so am proud about that. Was going to go to library to pick up a book I had reserved but found out they aren’t open today. So instead started reading a book from my personal library that I am hoping to finish and get rid of. Speaking of purging: had my garage sale last weekend. Was stressful but I sold a good amount of stuff and made $85. Can’t complain.

I guess that’s it from me.


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