A look back: The week of August 18


checklistI had lunch with a former coworker today and as I relayed to her the events of this week, I realized it’s actually been kind of an overwhelming period. A lot has happened. Some hasn’t happened. I’m feeling kind of cranky these days for various reasons. But I’ll go ahead and run down my list.


I did a final interview for a role where the hiring manager told me that I was one of two top candidates (at least at the time). That always feels nice to know that you’re a contender but when you know it came down to two people and you aren’t the one they select, it always feels just kind of worse. He planned to finalize the decision by yesterday but I haven’t heard anything. I don’t know if that’s a bad sign but at this point, it’s fine whatever.

I also got a job offer earlier this week from my former coworker’s current company. The offer amount, however, was very low compared to my previous base salary. I sent an email to the hiring manager to chat and we should be talking sometime next week. The difference is more than $20K though– so I’m feeling like this is a situation where I say, “Thanks for the opportunity but I think maybe you are looking for something different than what I am offering.” I feel like this is a more awkward situation than I am prepared for.

I am kind of frustrated b/c it’s now the end of summer and though it’s been just six weeks since I was let go, I feel like the jobs are drying up (which they tend to around August) and I’m just experiencing no momentum and a high level of restlessness. I have been go-go-go lately– with the garage sale, the interviews, getting together with people.  But now I’m either running out of energy or starting to get frustrated and I’m feeling less satisfied and less driven. I’ve hit a slump and I am kind of cranky about it all.


So this week, I got together with a college friend earlier in the week, a former Google coworker, and then I had lunch with a former coworker today. I got Indian food with a college friend on Wednesday. We talked about the things happening in our lives. I gave her my updates on job stuff. We’re the same age so we kind of see things somewhat the same– that we’re more settled, we view goals and aspirations in a different light than when we were struggling in our 20s, that happiness takes on different formats as you pass through different phases of your life. I was back on Google on Thursday to have a free Google lunch with a former coworker. We talked about progress in our careers and the different things we each were pursuing. And then with my former coworker, we talked about things we have heard about the company we both worked at– all the people have left recently, where they have ended up, any gossip that we have heard.


I went to kickboxing earlier this week. So, yay for me. Other than that, I’m still trying to rearrange my life, get rid of things I don’t need, sell stuff on eBay when I can. I’m reading a book called “Made to Stick.” Yeah, that’s about it.



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