Surfacing, finally


swimmerMore than a week has passed since my last post. This has been the absolute craziest week in the recent past but I feel like things are on the up and up and I feel conservatively happy.

The end of the week before last was a bummer. With the end of August comes a complete slow down of hiring. There was nothing to apply for and I just felt like I was doing nothing. I’d read enough books, organized enough, sold enough stuff on eBay. I just felt like nothing was happening.

I had one job offer which I felt I needed to turn down. And enough time has passed on the remaining opportunities that I knew that they were no’s. It’s hard to go through all the word involved in an interview cycle and have no positive results. I was just going to rest up and let August pass and then be ready to go by September.

Monday was tough. I went to the doctor and had a couple of things diagnosed. Nothing serious but I am now on antibiotics for the next two months. And then I just went to my parents’ house and kind of just gave up. Laid on the couch for the next day or two.

Interestingly, I started conversations with the hiring manager of the job offer I had received. Apparently there was a miscommunication in salary and so we started talking about changes that could be made to sweeten the pot. After a few days of painful phone tag, I made a verbal commitment to the offer on Wednesday and the papers were signed (in a hurry) by Friday in time for the start of the long weekend. So now, I have a week to move out of my place, find a place in SF and start work by September 8th. Can you believe it? Oh man– so much change in such a short amount of time. Rising from a crazy low to a frenetic high with a ton of changes to boot

So that’s me these days. Hurrah.


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