Time to celebrate


pop_the_corkHello blog friends!

So admittedly I fell off the blogging wagon. As I mentioned in my last post, a lot of things changed in a very very short amount of time. I accepted a job offer verbally on a Wednesday, I accepted officially by Friday, by Saturday I attended an open house for an apartment, by Sunday my current apartment was being shown to interested renters and by Sunday night, I knew the apartment I would be moving into in the lovely city of San Francisco, California. I signed my lease on Tuesday of that 2nd week and by Friday night was turning in my keys. And Saturday, I officially moved my little self up to the city. So in the matter of about a week and half, my life changed pretty significantly.

I’m now into my 2nd week on the job at my new company. It’s early yet but I think this will be a good experience. I have to hope that it will be a good experience. My apartment makes me happy and I love being closer to my friends. Fingers crossed that this is a good next thing in my life.

I’ll write more in the future.

And by Monday, I started a new job!


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