Yay for the long weekend


tgifThough its been just a couple of weeks since the start of the year, it’s already been a trying time it seems like. Everyone is excited for the weekend– in this case a long 3-day weekend that nobody seemed to see coming but that I’m sure everyone is grateful for.

I don’t want to get too into the details but we had layoffs at my workplace– ones we knew were likely coming but that nobody can ever be totally prepared for. I wasn’t affected but I know people who were. On a side note, my friend also let me know that he had been let go from his job. Even though, as business professionals, we know that sometimes these things happen, it’s still always really tough regardless of where you sit in the aftermath (a “survivor” or the newly unemployed).

So I feel these days a sort of heaviness– like a sadness tinged with a bit of worry. It’s like the start of the re-realization that things can change in a heartbeat just when you started to let your guard down and think that everything will be all right. That life is not really stable, no matter how many good things we try to do to make it that way. That blessings are few and far between and can be snatched away before you really even got to fully enjoy them. I don’t think I’m depressed– just kind of rueful and anxious.

So that’s kind of all for this blog. I’m looking forward to the weekend. I think it will be really nice.


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