The post about nothing


blahSo I will freely admit that this post is somewhat coerced. I don’t really have much to write about but I am realizing that my last post was well over a week ago. So I’m feeling like I need to write something just to continue the illusion of momentum.

So the day after my last post was rough in the context of what I was thinking and feeling. Without going into too much detail, a male coworker made a comment about another colleague being protective over a product because she is “a 30 year old, unmarried woman without kids” and that was the reason. This is clearly not something one wants to hear in a work setting (and not something one ought to be saying frankly). I told my manager that his comment bothered me (because I refused to go to a group lunch with him) and she didn’t understand what the big deal was. I went back and forth with her about it. It wasn’t until a meeting 4 hours later that she did a 180 and said that I should report the guy to HR. So Tuesday wasn’t a fun day.

Then Friday was also not a fun day. Without sharing too much, basically there was a breakdown in process and I was being expected to do something with a much tighter timeline. When I explained to my manager that the process wasn’t ideal, I think she took it personally and became pretty defensive. It wasn’t a very productive conversation. I cried– which I’m not proud about.

The weekend was fun. Went to a brunch. Went to a dinner. Then rather unexpectedly went on a 20 mile bike ride with a friend on Sunday. This past week was somewhat hectic. Today, I tried to do all my life things: did some exercise, cleaned my apartment. Shipped out another bag of stuff to sell on ThredUp (to date, I’ve made $250 which feels kind of fantastic).

Tomorrow, I’ll need to return a library book and probably go for a job in the meantime. Then am making a beet and sweet potato salad to take down to a dinner I’m attending in the peninsula.

It’s now approaching the end of the first quarter of the year. I think things for the most part have been good. Work is a bit eh and I need to think long and hard about what it is I am doing. The past couple of weeks have been a bit rough and I am getting a lot of internal push and pull about whether I tough it out or whether I throw in the towel. Life, I have found, is not as stable as I would like for it to be. There are some weeks where it’s crazy busy and then other weeks where I’m a bit bored. And in truth, I’m not totally happy in either. It’d be nicer if there could be more balance.

So there. Not much to report but at least I wrote something. Happy Spring Forward!


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